Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Drink this

I started a new Flickr group called Drink this.

That's what shopping at Ikea for four hours will do to you.

But the idea is to attract folks who are attracted to drinks. Bubbles, bourbon, beer. In a frosty glass. Whiskey, water, wine. Caipirinha, coke, coffee. Pretty coffee. Sexy coffee.

Milk, even milk is acceptable but that would have to be a pretty stunning photo.

Manhattans, of course.

I love drinking. I do. Even when many of my Woodstock glasses no longer exist to be drunk from. I like the vessel as much as I like what is in it. I like the weather that makes me choose what I drink. I like drinking cold Brooklyn water from the tap when I'm thirsty. Except I drink it out of an old, heavy glass. It tastes wonderful. I like camp coffee. These are drinks.

So please join if you are like me. I have no idea what we'll get out of it, except, possibly, pleasure.


  1. Non-filling and low cal too!

  2. excuse me...I believe you may have overlooked the amazing variety and pleasures of TEA!

    I'm sure it wasn't intentional.


  3. And what about COFFEE? Pure, real, strong, aromatic... need I go on.
    Filter, Cuppuccino, Latte, all delicious and oh, so pretty to look at (mostly)

  4. Exellent dinahmow, start those shiraz photos!

    m.heart - well, water maybe :-)

    Karen - tea, chai, I am very sorry. Yes, tea.

    Lyn - coffe, certainly. Thats the passion I'm talking about!


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