Friday, March 26, 2010


The Callery pears on Atlantic Avenue, near Damascus Bakery and outside the Cook's Companion (why do I always think that place belongs in a mall in Connecticut?).

Window box on Baltic between Smith and Court. There is always something interesting going on in this miniature garden.

$3 daffodils at the Key Food on Atlantic.

A parrot and his human mate sharing peanuts outside the Long Island College Hospital...

...and the Bergen Street subway station, summed up.


  1. While you were in SA I kept thinking "I hope Marie will be home in time for the pear pics!"

  2. I love the photo with the window box and eggs hanging. Its gorgeous. The photos of SA are Stunning !! Sounds like you had an amazing time.

  3. Great pictures, a witty glimpse of the neighborhood.

  4. The main event will be in a couple o days, I think, Dinahmow...

    Broni - thank you!

    Bonjour Lambert - thank you...


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