Sunday, October 5, 2008

Terrace in October

That was July, above, and now, below, what has become of them. I think these are L. "Dunyazade"... If they are, I prefer L. "Black Beauty", so similar, so different. Not that the beige-ish wall behind helps. If I stay in this apartment short term I think I'd better paint, it, too. If, because my new and rowdy neighbours are a great incentive to move. Interesting that I've lived through four sets of neighbours on this floor, mostly quiet as mice, and only this last lot has owned a TV. Which blares forth. So, if I can find another 66 Square Feet, who knows?

The Abyssinian gladioli opening some more...

The previous posts' photos were off because I forgot to reset my white balance. Um.

And the Icebergs, rallying. Their leaves have succumbed to black spot but I think they will bloom through Thanksgiving.

The grass heads of the Hakonechloa macra setting seed.


  1. The black beauty says thank you, and meoaw.

  2. Are those real seeds in those pods? Can you propogate from them?

  3. Miaow, indeed.

    Amarilla, yes, and I must do some research, but I believe yes. Would you like some?


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