Monday, October 13, 2008

Flowers and candles

[Constantia, January 2008. Pic - Vincent]

"The garden paths were lit by coloured lamps, as is the custom in Italy, and the supper table was laden with candles and flowers, as is the custom in all countries where they understand how to dress a table, which when properly done is the rarest of all luxuries."

Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo, from "The Ball"

Brooklyn, June 2008

Even if the flower is a dandelion, it makes all the difference. The bubbly doesn't hurt, either.


  1. Upper picture: two tables, each with their own special flowers...

    Bottom: where's the butter? ;-)

  2. dandelions are among my favorite flowers -- cheery little sunbursts spangling the lawns. up here on the mainland, spring comes molten with electric yellows -- dandelion, daffodil, forsythia.

    thanks for your enthusiasm about my MD pieces over at the croft. i was (and am) startled about how it took me over, but it's a rewarding project. i couldn't say that MD is my favorite book (nor even among my favorites) but there's something in it that profoundly moves me. dunno what.



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