Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Construction Turkeys

Ah, Sciame Construction.

I forgot about these guys: at a new building whose support structure caught my eye, so, stupidly, I looked at it. Where the Bowery turns into 3rd Avenue, between East 6th and 7th Streets, east side of street opposite Cooper Union. Clear?

So when I looked they started hollering. Good mooooooorning, Sunshine! But not in a nice friendly way: in a creepy, slime-drippy, I-need-a- shower-now-to-wash-it-off way. Of course I ignored them, as my mother taught me a long time ago (classify under "unwanted attention"). And walked off.

Then the neighing started.


Now that was new. I have never been neighed at. I was wearing tall boots...I started over- analyzing and then decided. No! Up with this I will not put, and turned around, took out my camera and pointed.

You see the belly on the left? It is retreating backwards with its wheelbarrow, as fast as its bowlegs can carry it, to get out of range. I assume that was Neigher #1. The thumbs up goon is Neigher #2. The smiling black guy with the concrete? Doesn't strike me as a neigher.


  1. Reminds me of the delicious opening from the Bahamian locals:
    "Ksss, ksss" hissed soflty as if you were a dog. Made me want to punch them.

  2. Kssss seems to be international. Must be why Vince cracks up when I call the cat that way!

  3. I was just about to say that! Ksss is for dragons, not cats. Can you imagine how Estorbo feels now? As if being hailed by a construction worker! ;-)

  4. Lol. Well local, often Latin, yahoos make kissing noises, and that's how you call Estorbo! So he's just persecuted.

  5. AH! But when you've been "ullo, darlin'd" for years and it suddenly becomes "mornin', ma'am" you know gravity's winning!

  6. Such morons! the cement guy looks like a misplaced college student and he's not wearing a hard hat...maybe he's the owner of the cement truck!

  7. I am sometimes in the same camp as moreidlethoughts.

    Glad you stood up to them Marie, they didn't expect that! And they secretly respect you now.


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