Monday, December 5, 2016

Fir sugar for the holidays

Eat your wreath? You know me...

Firs are very fragrant and I have been using organic Fraser and balsam fir needles (thank you, Windswept Farm, Vermont) to make some Interesting Things. My story and recipe for fir sugar, salt, and home-cured fir and juniper gravlax are over at Gardenista.


  1. We have acres of balsams. It never occurred to me to do anything food related with them! I am intrigued by the cookies with fir sugar. What a truly local gift they would make!

  2. Advice, please? Made fir sugar today from spruce - foraged! It's not as green as yours and seems pretty dry and powdery. Is that normal? will it change over time? smells wonderful! thanks. hope all is well in S.A.

    1. Hi Win - I have only used spruce in the spring when its tips are very tender, chewable and lemony. If you say it smells very good, that sounds fine. It will lose color. But my year-old fir (not spruce) sugar still smells very good.


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