Sunday, December 25, 2016

Climate change

Christmas under a southern sun. It had been two years since my last Christmas at home.

I love fruit cake and fir trees in the dark, cold North, but here in the Cape our tree is a small, indigenous Gardenia thunbergia in a pot, and supper was eaten on the patio, in the long, bright evening after a hot day. At 8.30pm it was still light as we sipped the chilled asparagus soup my mom had made. There was a red pepper mousse, roast lamb, and meringue with fresh cherries and cream.

In New York the Frenchman went on a ramble to Jamaica Bay, in a T-shirt, so perhaps the weather is catching. I miss him.

We are reaching the end of a strange year. I wish you strength and grace, and humor, and the courage to do better than ever before in the uncertain days that lie ahead.


  1. Well said. Hope your visit home continues to go well, but that you will soon be back in the cold north with the Frenchman.

  2. As they say in South of France, have a good end of year (Bon Bout d'An!). What a sweet embroidery you have there! Homemade?

  3. 2016 has been a disheartening year. Soon we get a new start or is it a return to the past?

  4. You must be treasuring this time with your parents. We put our sons and one girlfriend on a train yesterday. I felt they were looking at us a little longer than usual during the goodbye. Lucky us to feel so adored.

  5. This is a year when so many people who have been part of our popular culture have died and that is so sad, including today, Carrie Fisher. Next year, we will be embarking on uncharted seas politically. Never take anything for granted.


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