Tuesday, December 13, 2016

In the garden

If you follow me on Instagram or check in on 66 Square Feet's Facebook page, you'll have suspected that I am Not in New York. It's true. I am in Cape Town, for a month. Partly because of my butcher. In Brooklyn. Who said, in the context of a broader conversation, Don't wait. He is that kind of butcher. A very nice man.

Mostly, I have been spending time with my parents, at home and in the garden, as well as working remotely, which is what the digital world is all about.

It is early summer in Cape Town, the equivalent of June in New York, so the garden is in bloom, and big fat cherries are arriving at supermarkets.

My mom would like to plant more agapanthus. The terrible agapanthus borer seems to be in abeyance, though I am not sure why. It decimated many of her plants over the last few years.

The rose is 'South Africa,' and the kale in the flower bed is still yielding a good crop.

Zinnias have just begun to flower.

In the former herb garden - now much shadier - the walls are filled with pots, and a bonsai collection resides in a corner.

The Cape dwarf chameleons are back! This is very good news. Vince found them in August after a years-long hiatus.

They are hard to spot and then, when you find them, they seem very outlandish and even more obvious. This verbascum is no longer in bloom but is left for the chameleons to climb.

A female lesser double collared sunbird (long name for a small bird) on a tired allium, but still yielding nectar to drink.

I'll post when I can, otherwise, you'll find a daily picture from this deepest south, in those other places.


  1. You're having our first really cold days now, while you are in the splendor of early summer - part of me is jealous. The rest of me wants you to enjoy the time with your family. Lovely photos, as always.

  2. This is fun to see! I live in Brazil, and Cape Town doesn't seem to be that different in climate... we are also enjoying the height of our summer and everything here is also a riot of color! In fact, I posted a photograph almost identical to yours of a hot pink zinnia on my Instagram account just yesterday (@courtneyhelenabrazil). Your photography is stunning and I enjoy your blog, as always.

  3. Your parents' garden is always dreamy, and I just love the chameleons. They almost make me squeal with joy.

  4. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of your Mom's garden. Hope all is well.

  5. Your mother's garden is so lovely! No wonder you create such engaging gardens.


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