Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thank you, 2016

Looking back, through the lens of a small handful of pictures, this selective record of 2016 helps to put a year in perspective. Some of the best things are reflected here: lessons learned, drinks drunk, crops cultivated, walks taken, forages found, gardens grown.

This curated version of a life: Is it dishonest? Would it be more relevant to capture the bad things, like my father's vascular dementia, my mother's worry, my husband's 10 to 12 hour work days, the unpredictable and stressful noise from neighbors, our families who are, to say the least, complicated?

My answer is that the rosy perspective of my edited digital record keeps me sane, and reflects moments of real happiness within the context of the messy life that is probably typical of the lives that most humans lead.

Through it all my steadiest and best companion has been the Frenchman, who remains the light of my life, quietly in the background, moving heaven and earth on a daily basis.

For the new year, I would wish Frenchmen upon everyone. But since there may be a shortage, my wish instead would be to develop or nurture a sense of curiosity. With it you will never be alone, never bored, often surprised, and frequently delighted.

Onward. And strength in the struggle. Whatever it may be.

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