Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The visitor

There is never anyone next door. The back yard is overgrown and deserted. The windows of the building never open and their curtains remain drawn, even on a beautiful day like today (not a bad thing, really, for us having dinner on the terrace). I'm not complaining. But I am curious.

But there is sometimes a visitor. It scales the chainlink fence at the back of all these unused lots and hops down into this one.

And when I said, Pss, pss pss, the other day, the visitor approached and looked up at me.



  1. Ohhh that is a face! I would have a hard time resisting the urge to make it mine.

  2. Storbie's long lost brother?

  3. Could you be a two cat family?

  4. Benito or Yolanda...a long lost sibling of Storbys. Wonder if Estorbo has ever noticed this cat? Perhaps you will have a two kitty home sometime soon.

  5. always a welcome visitor in my yard <3


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