Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The ideal lawn


One of the best things about our weekend in Pennsylvania, near a branch of the Delaware River, was our host's lawn. Allowed to run wild, it was studded with flowers; walking meant you crushed them. 

The center of the lawn area in the clearing cut from the surrounding forest was a meadow. Nothing was planted.

 Veronica and dandelions

I can't imagine a better lawn.



The edges closer to the woods were mossy. Everything was really soft.


My mother would have loved it. I haven't seen this many flowers in one place since we tramped together through the Swiss Alps, long, long ago.

(With thanks to Carl Suk and Linda Waa'tap Bishop in the Plant Identification group, for help ID'ing)


  1. The photos remind me of the poppy (Papaver rheas) and corn flower (Centaurea cyan's) "studded" lawns of my childhood. GH

  2. I agree completely. I'll take the smell of clover over herbicide any day.

  3. You might try letting a little patch of regular mown lawn grow long - you may be surprised. We have a mini lawn about 15' x 8' created this way - it's a delight!

  4. Makes me want to roll in it!

  5. I haven't seen bluets in years. We also called them "Quaker Ladies. They are lovely, and tiny! One of the best shades of blue, too.

  6. You may be interested in this article about a common weed :

  7. My yard is very similar much to the non delight of the manicurist neighbour's hahaha


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