Saturday, May 3, 2014


Don't be afraid, said our upstairs neighbour, They're from real chickens.

He was leaving for Italy and had brought down eggs and milk for us to use. I will be feeding his sourdough starter. Between now and the last time I did so (November) I have learned a lot about sourdough. So I'll be able to take care of it better.

The eggs are being eaten simply, boiled, with young spring chives and butter, like this one.


  1. I got in the car last night and did a quick run to a local farm so we'd have the best, freshest eggs to go in our Shakshuka, which was in progress -- lucky it's self-service -- farm fresh eggs any time of the day or night! And, I have now been advised of the best bread books: Tartine, and Flour, Water, Salt, yeast by Forkesh -- perfect name for a cookbook author!

  2. I've been feeding sourdough starter for a friend that has been away for over a month. What started as 1 jar of sourdough starter is now 4 jars! I can't throw them away, I have to start making bread soon!


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