Friday, May 2, 2014

May Day dinner

It was warm enough to have supper on the Harlem terrace last night. Fresh-baked sourdough boule, and lettuce, and a wonderfully hot condiment I made the night before for dinner with friends - I corrupted a recipe from the Pok Pok cookbook: roasted jalapeno peppers chopped and mixed with a touch of sesame oil, quite lot of white wine vinegar, a pinch of sugar and a splash of fish sauce. Blew one's head off, but in a nice, smoky way.

Roasted peppers with garlic and anchovies, mozzarella and raw knotweed, and marinated white anchovies with spicy pickled knotweed (last year's batch).


  1. Beautiful Dinner for May Day!

    I love May Day. Nice fresh ingredients. Makes me think I should just make my own Mother's Day meal =)

  2. I've missed seeing your beautiful meals served outside on the terrace. It was a long, hard winter! It is good to see the first signs of spring in your meals and in your plants. Look forward to seeing the progress on the terrace.

    Nancy Mc

  3. Good morning: Will you share your resource for the birch poles? What twine did you use to fasten them together? GH


      Ordinary brownish garden twine. It won't last long term.

    2. You're welcome! (If you buy straight from Wilsons' website the poles are actually a bit more I went through Amazon. They arrived much faster than anticipated, too.)

  4. Hello Marie, I recently discovered your blog and I am enjoying your photographs and posts very much. I'll certainly come back here again (all the way from The Netherlands)

    Kind regards, Anne

  5. What a romantic cozy looking dinner table. Beautiful!


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