Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Inwood wild edibles walk

Wild blueberries

Inwood Mid-Spring Walk
Saturday 17 May, 12.30pm - 3.00pm

The woods of Inwood, at Manhattan's northern tip, have changed a lot since early April. They are fully leafed out, fresh green, and bursting with edible plants.

Expect to see edible and invasive pokeweed shoots, mugwort, Japanese knotweed and field garlic.


There will also be succulant greenbriar, wild grapes and the elusive and brutal nettle, as well  as many other wild edibles and indigenous wildflowers.


Wild grapes

Our walk will take us up the hill, along the top, and down over the Hudson River. Learn to ID poison ivy and where to find its country-remedy antidote, jewelweed.


Bring water and a snack, although one will be provided (either the field garlic cheese bread below, biscuits or perhaps a sweet, Japanese knotweed loaf).

Field garlic cheese bread

We meet at 12.30pm sharp at the entrance at Seaman Avenue and Isham, returning there by 3pm. The closest subway is the A to 207th. More details for confirmed walkers closer to the time.


Solomon's seal


  1. I wish you lived here in Redlands...I would go to all your walks. It boggles my mind the wealth of information you have about foraging.
    blessings, jill

  2. Look what I'm missing…..Greetings from south central Europe. Back soon….GH

  3. Please tell me about the Jewelweed antidote. I seem to get into the poison ivy and another vine that gives me the same reaction on a regular basis. I didn't notice it two weeks ago while I was weeding in the backyard and even though I had a long sleeve shirt and gloves, I seem to have picked up the dreaded rash on one arm - itch, itch, scritch!

    1. Oh, poor you! The jewel weed should be applied within a an hour or so of contact, though. I have used it after I've thought that I've rubbed against poison ivy, but I can never be sure... I did use it after being stung by nettles recently, and it worked. Either as placebo or as itself, but the sting disappeared.

  4. Hello.
    My husband, daughter, and I would like to attend your forage in Inwood. She's four months old and we plan to wear her in sling carrier, so we'll be fully mobile/able to hike around. Would it be alright to bring her along?


    1. Hi Rachel

      Of course you may bring her. No problem at all. Look forward to seeing you.


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