Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy spring, on Lenox Avenue

The hate speech sign outside the Atlah church has been active in the last few weeks. First there was the hate speech itself. You know, stone the gays? Then came the graffiti: "God is gay" (I think; a little hard to make out). The graffiti was cleaned up, and after that Macy's came in for a hit...

(Scratches head...)

And now this.

The man needs therapy. Too much dirty laundry in plain sight.


  1. I have other less kindly thoughts on stopping him.

  2. Now, now Kath....leave that to God. As a Christian we are taught to love, not hate. Some have clearly not gotten that message.
    blessings, jill

  3. If you read 2 Pet 2 chap and Judes (Jesus brother not Iscariot) letters in the Bible, then you may get a hint of what this man is talking about. If you also read first part of the Book of Enoch you may even understand what Christianity is all about.
    Gods peace be with you


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