Friday, March 14, 2014

Lenox Avenue's hate speech the corner of West 123rd, courtesy (again) of the Reverend James David Manning, who, a passerby named Abdellah told me, "has quite the following."

And what do you think, I asked Abdellah, who was dressed to kill. Oh, he said, I'm a 50's baby boomer. I'm a liberal. You know what I think.

"Jesus would stone the homos."

"Stoning is still the law."

How is this not incitement to violence, and why should it not be restricted, by law? How is this sheltered under the First Amendment? How has this been allowed to remain high above Lenox Avenue, for weeks?

How is hate speech allowed to remain in public view in a neighborhood where getting beaten up because you're "different" is not that unusual.

It gets better: baiting, so fearful, it is cartoon-like.

This is not harmless.

This has to come down.

I have never encountered the kind of loud and proud homophobia - phobia is the wrong word: this is persecuting aggression - that I have in a few months in two linear blocks of beautiful Lenox Avenue. The Saturday night preachers on 125th - the enormous and billy club-armed Black Hebrew Israelites in their, may I say, very camp black outfits which resemble the offspring of a tangling of punk Goth and medieval jester, who shout into the crowd about fags and homos and the bitches who can't control their men.

And there is this. Take it down.

This man's comment about the yellow sign: "Probably a homo who put it up...heheheh."

Update: 3-19-14: inspired by this sign, a fund has been started to raise money for donation to the Ali Forney Center, which works to house homeless and runaway LGBT youth.

And to follow up some more. This makes Monty Python look forced. Enjoy Jennifer Louise Lopez.

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