Sunday, March 23, 2014

What light on yonder duck breasts breaks...?

Duck prosciutto hanging from the high kitchen ceiling. The light is reflected from the windows across the road.

One breast is flavoured with Northeast-indigenous spicebush (bright yellow when crushed, and orange-piney in fragrance), the other with Turkish sumac. They were cured for four weeks in the fridge in a mixture of salt, sugar, pepper and the two spices.

They should be ready in about three weeks.

Which will be exactly a year after we last tasted them, on that Brooklyn terrace...

Which reminds me. Seed trays (far right): must buy.


  1. I remember. Didn't some of us (now suitably chastised and impressed!) say you were courting danger?

  2. What a lovely and springy looking little patio. Makes me want to go grow something.


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