Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1st

We went for a March 1st walk in Central Park

Bleak. Plus two robins and a hawk.

More snow to come.

But signs of life.


  1. I saw bluebirds in the trees this week. And a squirrel on the deck looking for something to eat. Sorry Mr. Squirrel, the tomato plants and squash plants have long ago died back. Check back in about five months!

  2. Crocus are blooming and the forsythia is opening. Spring is coming!

  3. We have a lot more snow cover here in Massachusetts. We trod on at leas 6-8 inches of hard packed snow on our dog walk in the local woods this morning. So no signs of spring here, yet.... so excited to see them on your blog.

  4. The trees remind me of The Wizard of Oz. Are the blooms on a witch hazel tree? The dog and I had a walk about an hour ago. She sniffed ever shrub, I enjoyed looking at the crocus buds, snowdrops and a few cherry trees are blooming too! It just started to rain and the skies are grey, but spring is near.

  5. More snow and ice expected here too. I had hoped to go back to work on Tuesday but I'm afraid to venture out on anything slippery.

    This is always when i wish I had planted a witch hazel. I'll say that again next year.

    I do have snowdrops, and DC has crocuses. Spring: bring it on. And please make it soon.

    xo J

  6. Yes, more snow and ice expected tomorrow. (I live about one metro stop away from flwrjane above.) I am a non-car owning commuter and love my pedestrian lifestyle but this continuous cold and snow is wearing me down.


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