Friday, February 28, 2014


The hyacinths are not doing quite what I was expecting. Maybe they are too cold. But I think the bedroom mimics early spring conditions well - it is a steady 50'F/10'C. At least, that is what the little thermometer on an interior wall says.

They do smell good, though.

The polar bear vortex is back, and soon I head into the a crisp 19'F/-7'C in what The Times this morning called "pointless sunshine." I am beginning to worry about spring walks. Spring in June?

All bets are off.


  1. Sunshine is never pointless x

  2. Our forced hyacinths often flop over, but they fill the room with scent.

  3. I'm hip to this "pointless sunshine" observation by the NYT.

    Earlier today, I pushed back from the desk to avoid an onerous project that came my way because I can't say no and took off on a walk thinking it might make me feel better. But, no... The "sunlight" encountered proved flat, colorless, and anything but warming. The horizon here is not exactly "big sky," but it is deep, and to the west loomed a black layer of something ominous that rendered an oppressive light even more depressing.

    So, recoiling from pointless sunshine, I returned and mixed a nice martini. To heck with the sun. For now, anyway.

    A small lilac plant resting on the windowsill reminds us of spring to come.. And, real sun.

    1. The clouds cause the 'pointlessness'.
      I guess it depends on what you want from the sun. Yes, I love the heat, but at this time of year, it's a comforting, perfectly shaped constant in the sky. Behind those clouds it's a beautiful day!

  4. Marie,

    I finally found a job. I'm a dog walker, and to the dogs (and myself), sunshine even on a very frigid day is not pointless. On days when it is sunny but below freezing: ice still melts.Their paws are not so cold on the pavement and/or ground. I am very happy for it and the dogs seem so too. Their people and I have had a lot of learning to do this winter about how to make them survive walks through icy, salty/chemical water.

    The light has changed and the birds outside our house in Flatbush are vehemently chirping that the season is turning.

    Let's hope this next storm is not a big one.



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