Monday, February 3, 2014

White out

The front steps, today.

I rearranged the terrace a bit yesterday, little expecting today's snow. Nothing major, just swiveling the stone table, swapping some pots around, thinking by moving. I want a bigger table and am wondering just how big a stone slab I can find. The current one, a fieldstone gift from a friend, years ago, is three feet long by about two wide. It can squeeze four, but I'd like a comfortable six, for those spring and summer dinners whose thought pulls me through winter.

I cut roses back, finding some disease in the canes, and may take up the kind offer of a couple more bare root roses from David Austen. Then again, these roses are tough and tend to survive. Also, I'm not allowed to order anymore plants online; I think I need an alarm on my laptop. Bwaap, bwaap, bwaap! Back away from the computer!

Quite apart from the annual climbing beans, the Nicotiana and the last-minute favas I ordered, I now expect for my horticultural melting pot terrace: 10 Lilium longiflorum (Asian species lilies, white, trumpet-shaped), 3 Lilium canadense (native to the Northeast), 6 Gloriosa superbum (southern Africa), and 10 Uvullaria grandiflora (a woodland wildflower native to the Northeast) - I hope the latter do well. I've never grown them before. They're summer-dormant so perhaps I'll plant them with Begonia grandis (hardy begonia), if I can find any, or ever-blooming Dicentra eximia, another native.

But for now, the snow falls thick, wet and fast.


  1. It is snowing lightly here today. I wrote about a rose today, too, and the post will tell you about a photographer you may not have heard of, but whose work I know you will enjoy.

  2. Could you put a thick piece of glass on top of the current table? Sized right it might look nice and much less hassle than getting in a piece of rock. just a thought ....

  3. Love your blog no matter what you are writing about; always great photos with friendly words. Greetings from sunny Vancouver, British Columbia.

  4. And greetings from sunny, Seattle, Washington :-)

  5. Would you like some Crinums ...I think the word for mine is rampant!

  6. We only got rain. And at long last my doormat is free of salt and ice melt.

    I don't even want to know what is in the ice melt. Can't be good for kitty paws.

    Enjoy your snow. I have no doubt there was a delicious dinner to celebrate.

    xo J


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