Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wave Hill's plant combinations in Martha Stewart Living

Photos: Susie Cushner

Wave Hill in the Bronx is a very special garden. It's the kind of place where attention to detail - texture, form, colour - make it possible to focus almost anywhere and find a combination of beautifully composed plants.

These images are excerpted from an article by Melissa Ozawa that appears in March's edition of Martha Stewart Living. In it, Scott Canning, the Director of Horticulture at Wave Hill, explains how they do it. 

I'm lucky to have met Scott, just once, at one of the Nuttley, New Jersey lunches... 

These pictures make me itch to dig and to plant. And to go back out to Wave Hill. It's much faster now, from Harlem.

Stunning... pinks don't usually do it for me but those are wonderful.

 Look for more in the magazine:


  1. Glorious. Those palette pictures are wonderful. The first is the colors I am always drawn to. The second is subtle and interesting. I'll buy the mag for a closer look.

    I seem to always put pink, blue, purple and white flowers in pots. And in the ground. Now I'm getting interested in yellow and orange.

  2. + macarons, something I've always wanted to try making. I've ordered this new Martha from my local library & cannot wait to see the evolution of the new Harlem terrace - kisses to E from les Chats de Rue LaNoire xo Susan

  3. Thanks for the taste of a good issue. Am off to the bookstore to pick it up. Two things I want to read. Hope the freeze will lift soon.


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