Friday, February 21, 2014


I loved lying beneath the thatched symmetry of the rondawel rooves in the Kruger. Function and perfect form.

We slept through those black nights. Silent nights. We slept. All night long.

In the mornings we were up before the sun, made our coffee, packed our rusks, and drove through the sunrise-opening gates, to see what we could see.


  1. I wish for long, black African nights. Superb roofing...are these for tourist accomodation?

    1. Yes, though it's a traditional roofing style.

  2. So nice not be forced to choose form over function, or the other way around. Soothing images for those of us facing frozen cars, dirty snow "mountains" and piles of accumulated trash bags, days (weeks?) in the making. My beloved city looking so sad….GH


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