Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow thoughts

It snowed again yesterday.

Best winter, ever.

The wires and branches that crisis cross the backyards behind our building are frosted.

I love the snow. 

When one looks back at our building, from the terrace (the view one will have when sitting out there) it's very flat.  

I am eyeing a website that sells slim birch poles.

Birch poles will save the day. You'll see.

I think.

...when the snow melts, of course.


  1. I like the snow too - everything is iced like a wedding cake, enhancing the smallest detail. It even changes sounds, softening them. Magical :)

  2. A suggestion,for a more private terrace using those wood flowerbeds: a construction that will make it possible to use fabric which you can close or have open (curtains of sort), might function well until the flowers are more grown.
    Gods peace

  3. I love the snow too. Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but I love how the snow covers up the winter's much mess and muffles the sound. It's like you're in your own little world.

  4. I'm glad someone is enjoying all the snow this winter! It's pretty, but I'll take the beach (guess I live in the wrong place).....more snow to come Thursday. :)

  5. Maybe I should do a house-swap, cos I love snow,too.Of course, I've never had to drive in snow!

  6. 42 degrees in Adelaide, South Australia today. Amazing contrast to receive your post


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