Thursday, March 13, 2014


117th Street and Metro North railway

Yesterday afternoon I walked south to 116th. Many blocks were cordoned off and the enormous emergency personnel presence was matched only by media. I am a reluctant bystander. I didn't have a job to do and that made me a vulture. So I turned around pretty fast. 

The air was bad with that burned electrical smell that means no good.

116th and Fifth

A little late for Angels.

Yesterday was spring-like. Overnight, it turned bitterly cold


  1. We had an accidental shooting near us several years ago and a crowd of people stood around and watched the ambulances and police activity. I had no purpose and I, too, felt very uncomfortable so I quickly went back in the house and stayed away from the windows. Other people's misery is not a TV show.

    On an up note at least it looks like the snow is finally gone!

  2. We are sad that others have had a sad, but very thankful that my friend estorbo and his fambly are ok Pluma sends purrs to all

  3. I was thinking about you. Such a sad and scarey situation... I'm glad you are all right.

  4. I was thinking about you too, almost afraid to visit here. Glad you are ok.

  5. Open again! Hot Bread Kitchen/La Marqueta-115th and Park, one block away from the explosion. Please support the local business. This bakery has great bread, best bialy's in NYC! There is also another 'stand' (NE corner) which houses a baker, who makes miniature french pastries and tarts. Worth the visit. GH


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