Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2nd Boule, AV

There is my second sourdough loaf, on the left. I say second, but that really dates from the gospel of the slapping and folding video, on which I am now basing my sourdough behaviour. It is really the fifth loaf since I started this adventure on March 6th, innocently stirring together flour and water to create the starter beast.

BV and AV. Before video, and after video.

I liked this second loaf, AV. It was lower in profile (baker-speak for "flatter") than the spectacular and  mountainous first loaf AV, whose remnant you see on the right. Although it was flatter, which disappointed me at first, the texture was very good, quite dense, and more chewy, but with a nuttier flavour. Very good. All this because I added a little more water (by accident), and salt.

There's the salt added to the sponge (starter mixed with some water and some flour, before the bulk is added.)

And this is the gooey mass that one must fling around without caving to the temptation of either oiling one's hands or dusting them with flour. I need a bench scraper - the thing that cuts the stuck goo from your wooden board. The stuck goo can drive you mad.

I am still thrilled by the process, especially by the magic of putting my huge Le Creuset into the 500'F oven to heat, then removing it and gently lifting the risen and shaped and delicate boule into it, replacing the blazing lid, and sliding that all back inside. In goes pale, soft dough, out comes crackling, golden bread.

The second loaf did not sing as much as the first did, when it cooled. I am still not sure why. Something to do with the hydration, and with gas being released, or not released.

The next test will be baking a loaf from the starter that has now been consigned to the fridge. Before, it had been living on a countertop, fed daily. Now it's a once-a-week feed.

The suspense!
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