Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shepherd's warning

It is Every Second Tuesday. Which means hi ho, hi ho, to Litter Mob I go.

I can't honestly say that I have missed gathering up condoms and trash in Prospect Park, but I am curious to see the woods after an eight week absence, and to say hello again to the other stalwarts, who kept the mob going in mid winter while I was away...They rock. In May, it will be one year of Litter Mobbing. And then I will reassess. I would love permanent change to take root in the woods. A wildflower trail. Serious trash cans. But for that I need more support from the stewards of the park. One year of picking up layers of trash has cleaned the woods, but if we disappear, and park policy does not change, the trash will come back, and most people will continue to avoid the beautiful forest.

Here's a look back at out first Litter Mob in Prospect Park.
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