Monday, February 27, 2012

Flowers in the House

Flowers in the house. And some wheatgrass sprouting, for the cat. And the lovely Home Made, by Yvette van Boven, published by Stewart, Tabori and Chang.

I consider bought, cut flowers a luxury. Despite the fact that I think they change any room they're in. Or that I find them indispensable in my life. Or that, without flowers, I'm not sure if I would be.

This year, there shall be flowers. Every week.

(Visit Small But Charming today, and you'll find links to a lot more flowers in the house.)


  1. Good Morning.

    Yay for you and your resolution to have weekly flowers.

    A necessary indulgence my soul thinks.

    I took the liberty of hooking you up, because I know you posted early BUT I know you're not up so early.

    Thanks for joining in.

    xo jane

  2. Does Storby know you are showing off his grass? did you get permission?

  3. Lovely, and I love your little vase.Linda x

  4. oh my goodness! wheatgrass in a ramekin! so cute!
    xoxox kat

  5. That yellow is dreamy, and I'm sure they smell wonderful too. Lucky kitty!

  6. Hard to buy flowers when there's such abundance in your Mother's garden, but in winter, in New York, that bit of color can make a cold and raw day much softer and warmer.
    X Shelley

  7. Ahhhh... lovely..... and I like your plan for the year.... flowers every week. What a wonderful way to make our lives more beautiful.

  8. I love that vase you have the daffodils in, and the grass in the ramekin is really sweet. I grow grass for my cats, too, and sometimes they appreciate it, and sometimes they go after whatever other flowers or plants I've got instead! It's a delightful photo, the way you arranged all those elements.


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