Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oep ve Koep

If I owe you an email, a phone call, an explanation, I am really sorry. Ellen's two-day-late arrival in Cape Town after her chaotic journey meant that precious time in an already short visit was simply gone. Thanks, KLM.  And inbetween some actual work has been squeezed in. 

So we have been on the move, with barely a pause for checking in with the people we love best. As a peace offering please accept this watermelon salad from Oep ve Koep, in Paternoster. In it are watermelon, pickled onion, cucumber, basil, feta, and cucumber, watermelon and Tabasco granitas, with borage flowers.  And that was just the beginning. We ate our way through the entire menu. If you are in the hood, GO! The drive took us an hour-and-a half each way.

And thanks to Rosie,  Rupert, Johan and Peter for insisting we visit. Kobus, jy is 'n ware ster.

More later.


  1. Yay! So glad you made it there (and Ellen to SA!) Kobus and his creativity is so honest and refreshingly creative. Enjoy your jam-packed whirlwind.

  2. i was wondering about ellen's whereabouts (as she was as well, i am sure.)

    Tabasco granitas! yum!

  3. Creativity, creative. Ugh. You know what I mean :)

  4. I see borage and I just got new seeds.

  5. Hi Rosie - yes, thanks for the prodding - and I think you mean he's creative :)And refreshing is right. And thoughtful. I'm still thinking about it all.

    I'd like to see something interesting happen with desserts, but I'm guessing they're not his thing?

    Hi donna - yes, I'm sorry. Have been too busy to update properly.

    Frank - does it ever self seed?

  6. Thanks for your kind words and beautiful photographs Marie. It was really nice to make your acquaintance. I have since become addicted to your blog.

    Although I don't always write it on the blackboard, dessert is a once off daily special. Sorry if I didn't 'sell' it more on the day that you visited.

    Hope to see you for a quiet lunch again when you next return to SA.

  7. Hi Kobus :-) And I haven't even finished posting everything we ate, which, as you might remember, was Everything! Please don't take my dessert comment as a criticism - you just raise the bar very high. I had visions of wobbly blocks of clear seaweed jelly drizzled with green sour fig syrup :-)

    (I only recently discovered that if you eat them still quite green they smell and taste like prickly pear/kiwi fruit - I prefer that to the saltiness of the dried ones.)

    We will definitely see you again.


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