Sunday, February 19, 2012

February Farmers Market

Union Square, Saturday. I knew there would be potatoes.

I knew there would be cheese. And did not know but was happy to find that my friend Ty was manning the Cato Corner Farm cheese stall. He has been a tall, friendly fixture at the market for all my New York years. Generous tastings followed and we left with several delicious wedges of Jersey cheese.

I bought salad for the humans.

And salad for the cat. His leaves cost more but will last longer.

And Jerusalem artichokes, which I like best raw, in a thinly-sliced crunchy slaw.

And red carrots, which will be grated and tossed with orange juice and mint, which persists on the terrace.

There were fall apples and pears, but I was not ready for them,  still clinging in memory to the fruit of summer, many days and a hemisphere behind me.

There were beautiful anemones, which I just looked at.

And a blooming truck.

And a false spring.

I resisted the urge to buy violas. I'll give myself two weeks.

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