Saturday, February 25, 2012

A cat's life

Wind coming? 

We have been promised 60mph gusts through Saturday night. So the fig and some other pots came down off the side of the terrace to sit out the gales on the stone table. That miserable-looking plant on the right is oregano.   A creeping form. Not very satisfactory, aesthetically. I'll get a bushier version this spring. 

Cat leaves terrace to check out roof.

But comes back to dig into his salad bar.

There are worse ways to pass one's feline time.


  1. Great photo of the cat against the pink! Very Schiapparelli !

  2. I'm sure he went up to check if something was missing on the roof, besides the side of the terrace ;-)

  3. That middle picture is a perfect example of a seriously narked cat - ears turned back and wondering who is skinnering about him.

  4. Hi Marie! I was just thinking about your fig tree last night. I bought mine into the house to break dormancy a little early this year. Last year, it hardly grew at all.

    Have you thought about rooting some cuttings? Now would be the time to do it I guess. I trying to root a few this year.

  5. We adore kitty cats, so it was a real treat to meet yours! I like how you said that he enjoys his 'salad bar'. hehe


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