Thursday, July 9, 2009

Roof garden moving along

Above: 136 Japanese ribbon grasses are waiting for us on the North Fork, to be planted under the water tank at the top of the ladder in the picture...

Due to hold-ups too complicated and delicate to go into here, we're waiting to finish this garden. Things must be signed. In the meantime, below, an electrician on site decided to drill into our planters to locate an outlet. WTF?

The divisions between planters will be sanded down and the ipe wood will be oiled to take on and keep a darker hue. To be re-applied every year. Engineering considerations dictated that the planters be separate and removable, so the facade is not continuous. In front of the planters here will be lawn. We have 6" of depth on one side, a mere 3" on the other, due to the slope.

Built-in benches will go in a wrap around the covered skylight in the foreground. I hope to to take a very different picture in a few week's time. With green stuff.

My friends. Don't work like this. This man on the construction crew is unharnessed over a sheer drop of many, many floors. He is buffing the guard rail.

The unprivate garden. I can still see that electrical outlet. Far left.

Below, this building has risen in the last few months, wasn't there before. Three new buildings have climbed up around this roof while the larger project was under construction. The garden is the tail end.

Wonder if they need a roof garden?


  1. Shame about that outlet. You can-not-take-your-eyes-off-some-contractors, that's the kind some are.
    No one needs that accessible of an outlet, do they?

    Hey, uh, I put in yer outlet, so jobs done. No sense of the bigger picture. I've had plumbers cut every stud in a wall to run black pipe horizontally through it! WTF?

    The lead has the most stress!

    Good luck.

  2. this is a great perspective for us riffraff who have never seen such rooftop gardens, let alone the genesis of one. what will you do on the seventh day?

  3. I was fine (apart from the stupid outlet!) until I got to the picture of that chap unharnassed...
    vertiginous now!

  4. I'd delete the photo of the unharnessed worker - it's a clear OSHA violation and who needs proof of that hanging around?

  5. Frank - too many cooks IN the broth :-)

    Donna - hahahaha. Drink prosecco, of course.

    MIT - yes, he was a bit nervous with people coming near him, but I mean, really.

    Charles, he's not our guy...if you still think it's bad form to keep it posted, I'll take your advice.


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