Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pollinators working

As I drew the plans for this narrowest of gardens I imagined the East Houston Median filled with flowers and bees, and they are there, loving the echinacea.

Cabs make pictures look better.

The gaura is doing really well after all the rain, so different from its puny beginning. This is only 2 months later...quite amazing.


  1. Luckily, that bee was only borrowing... ;-)

  2. You're right, Beence! she (the bee) was doing her job, not stealing. Great pics, Marie...the median really is thriving!

  3. good work bees!
    oh and...fig tree is theoretically in full sun but it's a's in a large container and i'm not sure if it knows the sun shines much in ny. now what?
    also, when do i pick the pods of cranberry beans? do they get more mature? should i know these things?

    turkey---we were three weeks in turkey for our honeymoon---i would love to go back but i just want to go these places more...all at the same time.

    thanks so much for your comments...i;m off to see what your cat is doing...

  4. oh! and beautiful pink pictures--i love them!

  5. Marie, you have a fabulous job!

    How I need you here in my overcrowded jumble of a courtyard, with its aphids and black spot(but I would be very, very careful not to annoy you in any way, after reading THAT post.....)

  6. It IS quite amazing - in such a short time. Have never seen echinacea like that - green fingers and NYC. Have you seen the very small flying bee with my aloes ??

  7. Borrowing?? You call that borrowing?? That bee is TAKING that pollen!!!

    :-) No, really, I'm a reasonable person.

    QC - it's fun taking close-up pictures with your bottom an inch away from passing trucks.It's my version of stationary parkour...

    Goodgoodbird - ah, it's a baby fig. Mine is a bit like a bonsai fig - only two-and-a-half feet high and wide, but maybe 6 years makes about 20 figs.

    And I will kick the cat and tell him to post soemthing...

    Rachel...gee whiz, it's only lily thieves who irk me. And I'll bet I have just as many aphids right now.

  8. Hen!!! Sorry - maybe they need more cold than Cape Town can give? Also there are so many new cultivars available - brighter, pinker, sometimes orange...xxxxx


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