Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday pressure cells

Beautiful clouds with very temperamental weather, whirling in and out, with lashings of heavy rain, splashes of lightning, boiling thunder and then bursts of ragged sunlight. Possibly responsible for my weird, afternoon headache.


  1. Nice photos!
    Didn't take any, but so glad for the rain to water everything for me.

    Be gone headache.

  2. Strange, I had a headache earlier this evening too!

  3. Ah yes ... the weather-related headache -- I know it well.

    Keli'i ;)

  4. Yes, that looks like headache weather, but how beautiful!

  5. Thanks Frank...I was like a jack-in-the-box. Couldn't sit still before a new cloud arrived.

    Lisa, glad it wasn't just me and me nerves...:-)

    Hi Keli'i - does Ikaika his ears wash before storms?

    Hi Rachel - NYC in summer is pretty excitig for weather above the head...

  6. gorgeous pictures, Marie! hope the headache was just the change in atmospheric pressure and is gone by now!


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