Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Foraging, with a little help from my friends

Pokeweed shoots, field garlic, milk thistle, greenbriar, Japanese knotweed tips, garlic mustard flowers, violets and mugwort.

What a beautiful day. Yesterday. 

Spotless sky. Faraway blue. 

Birdsong and chipmunk whistles. This beauty is a hooded warbler. He hunted, like miniature death machine, I watched him for a long time. 


Spring is unwinding so fast it is hard to keep up.


  1. Great word: unwinding! fits exactly right this year.

  2. Such bounty! We harvested ramps in the Catskills last weekend, and made a ramp-themed dinner.

    That warbler is adorable, as is the chipmunk.

  3. Wow, nice foraging! I have been wanting to try field garlic. Will try some this weekend!


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