Monday, October 27, 2008

Prescription for a Birthday, on a Monday

-to be taken once with a small, well-chilled Screwdriver:

One friendly and loving person to go out early while One is still sleeping, to find flowers, orange juice, croissants and brown bread. In the light of the croissants the brown bread was ignored, see below.

A friendly and loving hand to make the Screwdriver, while One is poaching brown organic eggs.

Brown eggs and simmering water and a croissant bed = very good foundation for breakfast.

Pancetta crisping, ready to be added to eggs...Coffee on the boil. Milk hot.

Chives, just-snipped from the terrace. A knob of organic, sweet cream butter, to melt over eggs and croissant. Black pepper.
And the crispy pancetta.

Sunshine in late October, a cat wearing a ribbon, and lots of flowers.


  1. Good man, good cat, good food, beautiful flowers ... it don't get much better than that. Happy, happy birthday, Marie!

    Keli'i & Ikaika

  2. I'm a little late, but Happoy Birthday. And yes, to have your loved ones (human and feline)to share it makes all the difference.

  3. Happy Birthday! And it looks like you all (including Estorbo) know how to celebrate. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Marie. Looks like you celebrated in style!

  5. Ikaika and Keli'i - thank you both...You're right - it's good combination.

    MIT - yes, it does and thank you. How is Sporran?

    BP - thank you! Estorbo actually begged to wear a ribbon.

    Ms Hound, thanks, Lisa. I love your post about Rhinebeck.

  6. No mention of delicious coffee? hmm? such loyalty ;)

  7. Sporran's stitches are out. Sporran is out. Can't keep the rascal indoors a moment longer!

  8. Maire: Happy Happy (belated) Birthday!!!


  9. Aaaaaack. It's late.


  10. Sigrid - 2nd time round was perfect. But thanks for mentioning it.

    MIT - poor Sporran. She needs a bungee rope.

    Pritha - thank you. Late is fine.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday. What a perfect idea for the perfect breakfast. And the orange ribbon on a black cat---tres October. This reminds me I haven't had an egg in a while....


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