Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Husband

Some recent comments alerted me to the fact that some of my blogging friends are In the Dark. So here, Jen, Mary and Pritha, are some links to help essplain.

In brief. We were married in Cape Town in January, at my parents' house, three months and three days after our first meeting in New York, and just short of six months after stumbling upon each other on the Web...

Try here, here, here for the Big Day, here for Vince's impressions, and here for some penguins, there for a lunch under tree and groom-inspection, and then here for the trip afterwards...And gallery here to sum it all up! Phew.

But yes. I have a husband. We had to be a bit circumspect. Not one, not two, but four countries and four nationalities are involved despite the fact that there are only two of us. There are borders, papers, stamps, permissions, denials and bureaucracies and we did not trumpet the union intitially. Also it seemed at the time, a very intimate and unexpectedly happy affair and we didn't go about it in the usual fashion. There were 6 people at our wedding, including the officiant. And there were two of us at the reception, on Clifton's Third Beach.

One day we hope to have a dinner (maybe at Al di La [and the next time we went back he did order three courses of malfatti]?) where as many of our North American friends as possible can be in the same place at the same time. We may all be using Zimmer frames then but we will still know how to eat and drink.


  1. very cool story. I put the pieces together awhile ago, you left great little clues along the way and I like being a detective of sorts!

    Still congratulations are definitely in order!!

  2. Ms Hound - certainly there were clues, but probably missed by Those Who Dip! And thank you...

    Jane: mais si! Citizenships of France and Canada (France is very well behaved in this respect, not really getting invloved)for him, South Africa for me, and then the US, citizenship to be...

  3. ROTFL! Zimmer frames? I want an electric cart! ;-)

  4. how very lovely. i had the idea that the ceremony was upcoming. (what a pair of scamps.)
    long life.

    and ~^:^~

  5. What a wonderful story and beautiful pictures! I guess I had assumed you and Vince were married (I noticed his wedding ring in the picture of your "Main Man"...). My husband and I had to live apart for while due to our jobs and thought yours might be a similar situation, but it sounds a bit more complex.

    Blessings to you both (and the Cad) ...


  6. The most excellent news! Congratulations to the two of you. What a lovely post to start my week's reading. :)

  7. You know, your blog is one of my absolute faves in the blogosphere. You would THINK that I would have paid better attention. But I'm paying it now, girlfriend and I am so happy for you two.
    Groom and I moved in together 1 week after we met and we've been together almost 8 yrs, four as bride and groom.
    i hope ya'll will be as happy as we are.

  8. Centvingt, you think you're going to fit a zipper cart into Al di La??? It's so Florida. Stick with the Zimmer brigade. We're cooler.
    And New Yawk.

    Melanie and Hallow-een - scamps. Yes. Thank you! x

    Keli'i (and Ikaika, whose picture Estorbo has ot put you know where)- well-spotted with the Ring! Thank you, :-)

    BPG - why thank you!

    Mary - that is a very nice compliment...and yes, the real thing really does exist, doesn't it? We feel very lucky.

  9. Yes, it's a lovely, romantic story and my best wishes to you x four for all countries!hgtdxzs
    (that's from Sporran!)

  10. Finally getting caught up and just grinning with happy tears here. Cheers to the real thing!

  11. Marie ...I love this story. Just simply love it! Pritha


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