Friday, October 31, 2008

BEM Monge

Depending on one's point of view there is a very cool/very creepy (nice euphemism for the Halloween-appropriate word sinister) ship docked just down the road. I saw its tail - if you know a better word tell me, I don't mean the stern - rising up above these rooves yesterday and had a look today, on my way home, and also from the roof.

The technology is very cool. Its application and raison d'etre are the creepy part.
And why Monge? Gaspard Monge. Mathematician and sometime 18th century "examiner of naval cadets" in the 18th century French navy!

Here is an automatically translated page about BEM [b√Ętiment d'essais et de mesures] Monge, with all the inherent amusements...on the page you can switch back to the French. Her Captain is Denis Household. In both languages. Even better.

What I want to know is, where and what is the crew eating while in New York?


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