Friday, October 17, 2014

The twilight hour


...are you...

will you be...moving on...


No...? Ah. 

Well, I'll just uh...go this way, then, and...

Oh!'re still there...

do you mind if I uh...I was just going to...

I was just busy...

...that is to is quite late and, I mean,

...for you, to be in the park...that is. This is my time, ...well, mostly

and I was...are you planning to stay much...longer...?

...Is that thing a gun?

...I have, uh, claws...if, you know...if necessary, that is to say...

I'll just go this way...and

Oh! You're there, ah...too. I see.

I see. Yes...


Do you have marshmallows?


Tomorrow's Wild Edibles Walk - last of 2014


  1. That's just too funny! The ones that visit my backyard are not that shy. They come right up to the sliding glass doors. There have been a couple face offs there with the cats and then the raccoons just shrug and waddle away. They want the birdseed in the feeders but since I added a baffle to the shepard's hook, they can't get at it.

    1. We get them every night up at our cabin in Northern Minnesota. They will hook their claws in the screen door and pull it right open if we forget to latch it. Yes, they are adorable right up until they saunter into your abode and make a mess. You do NOT want a raccoon inside your house!

  2. Oh that is funny! Exactly what I think our local raccoons are saying when we see one another.

  3. What a hoot! Thank you for sharing.

  4. They can be dangerous, have been known to attack...rabies...GH

    1. Yes, I know - I'm careful. This one's behaviour was suitably shy, and I took these pictures with a telephoto.

  5. So cute - made me laugh out loud :-) Reminds me of the Wind in the Willows

  6. Great pictures! Reading a racoon's mind can be hilarious. Brings to mind the time when we'd just moved to the woods of New England and my husband was traveling and I was home alone for the first time in this strange place. I'd just gone to bed when I heard a noise outside the bedroom window. A rather large noise. I crept to the window and peered out. I saw this hand reaching around a tree at about human height. My heart stopped then pounded wildly for an instant. Suddenly from behind the tree appeared a racoon! What a relief, but I hardly slept a wink that night. They are so cute, aren't they?

  7. Cute verby but then some people think squirrels are cute


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