Monday, October 13, 2014

Take me to the water

We drove out of the city, heading for the Delaware Water Gap area, at a friend's suggestion.

On the Delaware River, we sat on a big rock at the water's edge, and picnicked.

A toast to space and silence and turning leaves (and also to our kitty, who is still not well. No point in saying more as we don't really know more. But it weighs on us).

The oaks have not begun to turn, yet.

That is Dingman's Ferry Bridge. I lied about the silence. Cars kind of thumped across it.

The picnic. Cilantro on the sandwiches came from the Harlem terrace - it really likes cool weather. Plant it in the spring and autumn months. No bolting, then.

Below. Anyone? 

A hen of the woods chip, of course! Sadly half of them landed on the Zipcar's floor. Let's just say there was a red light incident.

To make them, clean the ears off as many hens as you have (submerge in water several times). Drain (but don't worry if they are still wet). Lay in a single layer on an oiled roasting tray. Season with salt and pepper. Roast for about 30 - 45 minutes at 400'F (turn over halfway through) or until they are turning crispy.  They will lose a lot of volume. Then watch them very carefully. They are ready when crunchy. The flavour is rich and woodsy, almost soy-like. Very surprising, I think, and very pleasing - at least to me.

I must find more.


  1. I have been visiting your blog and Estorbo's for a couple of years now and I almost never comment but I had to say that I feel your pain about Estorbo being ill and I am so sorry that your sweet kitty, you and Vince are going through this tough time. I was on Estorbo's blog last week and found myself crying at my desk at work with all that he has been going through. Thank you for sharing your life, his life with us as it's one of the highlights of my day/week. I think you are so talented and amazing and a great mommy to your furry family member. I am thinking of you all and really hope that things start to look up. Many hugs to you and a pet for Estorbo, Laura

  2. I hit publish before I could say that your blog gives me a lot of solace and a feeling of calm and relaxation in a world full of craziness and stress. I very much look forward to each post. And I have to say that your garden, even though you only get a certain amount of sun is just stunning. Looks like such a lovely place to sit and have a meal or just relax in. Ok, I am done now. :)

  3. The best kind of picnic, I think! Balm to city senses.

  4. I really hate saying "ditto," but Laurabelle phrased it so well that I can only agree. All the best to Estorbo.


  5. Love the hen chips! The soy quality comes from all those glutamates...

  6. Laura summed it up for me too! All the best to you and Vince and paw pats to Estorbo.

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  8. I just love your cat. I hope he gets better soon. Margaret, Bryanston, South Africa


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