Thursday, October 9, 2014

Central Park edible botanical walk

North Woods, 18 October
12pm - 2pm

Join me in Central Park's North Woods for an autumn ramble.

We will spot loads of indigenous and invasive plants with serious edible potential.

If you can't escape the city for some autumn colours, the North Woods are the next best place to be.

Come and learn to tell the good from the bad and the ugly, and practise identifying the edibles we've discussed, as we walk.

We will leave the woods briefly and cross open lawn areas...

...where quickweed and chickweed are making a fall appearance.

Which is which? Learn to tell your quick from your chick.

It is migration season for the birds that use the Atlantic Flyway, and we are likely to encounter songbirds and their friends en route south, too.

We meet at 12pm.

[This walk is FULLY BOOKED: sorry!]


  1. Good morning! I teach business management at a university in SA. In our section on 'Entreprenurial Thinking', I used your foraging in Central Park with a group of NY residents as an example of 'out of the box thinking' and the students seemed interested to know more. Could you do a small video clip in which you give some background about the thinking processes you went through and whic led to this idea? I would like to be able to show this to them next semester as a podcast or clip on my laptop in class. Herman

    1. Hi Herman - I lack the spare time at the moment, I'm afraid.

      But you should talk to Anna Shevel who is based in Cape Town and who does VERY entrepreneurial things based around plants. See her FB page:

      Also in Cape Town, Loubie Rusch, of Making Kos:

    2. Hello Marie
      Thank you for the links provided and I will follow up on those. Wishing you the best and thank you for the good stories and the opportunity to share in the exciting things you do.


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