Friday, September 5, 2014

Kitchen things

It will be a cooking weekend: I started yesterday by making an aioli with the last of the Koringberg olive oil.

And roasted some peppers to purée for a layered appetizer, served in a small glass, riffed off an idea my mother makes often for lunches under the tree: mine will be aoili, the peppers, a pesto with Harlem terrace basil, and another pesto with terrace Amaranth (pigweed) with preserved lemon.

And I made farmers cheese, inspired by my West Coast foraging friends, Pascal and Mia. Curdled with elderflower vinegar. We are lucky (and surprised, given the dearth of local or organic produce) that Fine Fare on Lenox and 117th stocks Trickling Springs grassfed milk... 

...seasoned with powdered mugwort and smooth sumac.

My friend Eric says it looks like a meteor.

Next up, white garlic soup (ajo blanco, recipe in my book), sumac-marinated racks of lamb, a raspberry charlotte, two roast chickens for a birthday party and a loaf of knotweed-spicebush bread, to take on Sunday's wild edibles walk in Inwood Hill Park (there are five spots left, if you would like a slice!)...


  1. Does your aioli recipe include Dijon mustard? It all sounds yummy! I loved your mom's presentation of the layered appetizer. Beautiful! That will go wonderfully with your sour dough bread. If you have a source for clear glass espresso cups I would be grateful. I haven't been able to find the graceful shape of her cups.

  2. Hen
    Those little cups are known as "custard cups" and some of them are quite old. They were made here in Cape Town at the turn of the l9th century (circa 1910 or there abouts) and are regarded as very collectable. Woodstock glass. Where to find them ? Well............

    1. Thanks for the info on your cups. I assumed they were probably difficult to find. Maybe I'll search for custard cups rather than espresso cups. I'll see what I can find. You have obviously been an enormous inspiration to Marie and we are all the beneficiaries. We can vicariously enjoy "lunches under the tree."

  3. Dit lyk amazing. J het gister vir ons rennet bestel dat ons bietjie kan begin kaas maak.


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