Sunday, September 28, 2014

Central Park botanical walk

Central Park's North Woods
12pm - 2pm

Join me on an edible botanicals ramble through Central Park's North Woods. We'll spot and discuss weedy edible greens, from prolific pseudo-grains like lamb's quarters and amaranth, to easy-to-recognise pokeweed, and burdock. We'll see burnweed and greenbriar, sumac and spicebush, and talk about what to do with them.

We'll see fruit and nut-bearing trees, the plant that killed Mrs Lincoln, and a few others inbetween. If we are lucky, there may be a mushroom or two, but we need some rain!

It is migration season for the birds that use the Atlantic Flyway, and we are likely to encounter songbirds and their friends en route south, too.

We meet at 12pm at the  SW corner of Central Park North and Lenox Avenue.


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