Friday, February 27, 2009


Vincent and I are running a disfunctional relay race as far as telling our roadtrip stories goes. Currently he is ahead of me, in the Kgalagadi, but seems he will be going backwards again to publish some earlier pictures. To follow the Frenchie's tale, click here.


  1. oh dear, this looks like some kind of uber-squirrel that would not only raid the bird feeders but pick the door locks and help himself to the granola.

  2. I'm dysfunctional, you're just productive. :-)

  3. I will not show that picture to Rudy. It would be too much of a tease.

  4. M<3 :-) Yes, those ground squirrels were bold.

    Beence, um.

    Lisa - poor Rudy. I could blow up a lifesize picture for him...and he would have loved the mongooses.

  5. I think the mongooses would have eaten Rudy! He's tough till he's not. Such a wuss deep down!


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