Friday, February 27, 2009

The domestic primate

I am really, really trying not to read the newspaper. I don't need it. I usually don't like it. Then there's a gem like this.

"Once, when Bob was leading him from an outdoor enclosure back to his cage in the house, Higgins exploded and the two got into a battle so ferocious that despite the steel mesh glove Bob was wearing, he screamed for Carlie to get his .22 rifle and put a bullet in Higgins’s head. She got Higgins a slice of raisin bread instead, quickly defusing the fight."

I, too, stop for raisin bread.

Story here.


  1. I'm sorry, but I am in the camp that believes the only domesticated animals are dogs (dargs) and cats.
    People who want to keep primates, big cats, wild birds, and any other form of wild animal get what they deserve. Besides, it's cruel to the animal.

  2. Don't be sorry, I agree 100%.

    It was the styles of conflict resolution that amused me: gun vs raisin bread.

  3. I definitely am of the raisin bread school of thought. But the article sickened and saddened me. Primates should not be pets, nor should they be laboratory subjects. The people who bought the primates were ill-informed or deluded and the people who sold the primates to them are criminals.

  4. This article has really gotten a response. The Times should add a primate section as soon as possible.

  5. LOL, un-related comment: I was just doing a Google search for my poor blog, which had seemingly disappeared and now is showing up again - thank god - and what do I see linking to it (from the sidebar links): The domestic primate. That's pretty cool, considering that you only posted this today. Google is on the ball.

  6. I detest cages. Even as temporary "hospitals" I had a hard time putting my charges in jail!
    And too many people confuse "tame" with "domesticated."

  7. Yes, thankfully, the wife had the presence of mind and the compassion to reach for the raisin bread instead of the .22. But I have to agree that primates and exotics belong in their natural habitats, and shame on those who perpetuate the trafficking in these animals for whatever reason.
    (I'll get of my soapbox now...)



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