Friday, February 20, 2009


This article in the to me. Why? I think, in the end, it was the "pedestrian wine list" that unsettled me. That they don't know, or care, to drink better. That money is wasted on the entitled? Or maybe just because the article attacks my financial comfort zone. Or that it got me thinking about income and lifestyle in the first place.

I have been out of it for too long. I have been bitten by the Road Bug. And I am beginning to itch.

In the meantime, here is some appealing laundry. Pacific Street between Smith and Boerum Place.

Next up: a night on a windswept beach. Well, in a cottage on a windswept beach, then.


  1. Maybe it got to you because they spend $500 for a simple spaghetti dinner? The insanity?

  2. I love this. I think I understand, its the clientelle who own the restaurant -the restaurant is working for them.

    "Mr. Esposito said he had learned not to experiment in the kitchen. “Every time we try something fancy, they tell us they don’t like it,” he said. “An example: once we tried putting the asparagus on one side of the plate and the meat in the middle and the potatoes on the other side of the plate. Too fancy. They tell us they like everything on the plate mixed up.”

    Many a time when I was a young chap, installing for a manhattan garden designer, I saw many a dull wealthy apartment. Huge, maids, art, furniture, clearly wealth- but little of interest inside the home or outside in the garden. Why would eating be any different.

    I felt priviledged to see this at such a young age, to understand that at the very most my life was interesting and colorful. It'd still be nice to have a some of their financial security, just a little.

  3. Argh, Lisa, yes!

    Frank - Sometimes I see personality and eccentricity,and desire. I'm just trying to remember when...Oh, no, there are exceptions. But most often I see what you saw. Vast, sterile wealth, often accompanied by a pinching meanness, and an utter lack of engagement, curiosity.

    Gee whizz. I'd better snap out of it.

  4. A wonderful lady I once dated told me I shouldn't disparage the wealthy, they got all the same problems as anyone on the other side of those walls.

    It is our challenges that help make us interesting. Financial challenges lead to creativity too. Why fail making shitty sauce, when you can pay someone to make acceptable sauce for you?
    You gotta like the process, the dirt, the smell of it, the glory and the learning.

    I'm no cheerleader, so Gee Whiz is right. Spring is near, avoid media stories about DEPRESSION as best you can. They're gonna be depressing.


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