Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...and if perchance I should not wake

Brigitte's beautiful little teapot has performed admirably today, holding boiling water and slices of ginger for hot drinks to ease a nasty lurgi that has taken hold me, the consequence, probably, of not enough sleep, and the downside of that miracle, air travel.

Through the blogosphere yesteday I learned of a woman whose husband was shot down dead for his gold wedding band in a robbery in a drugstore here in the States. This after they had just moved their young family from Bloemfontein, where I was born, to NC, where she was to take up a teaching post at a university. I lay awake a long time last night thinking about her and her overwhelming loss.

There is little sense to life. We have to make of it what we can. And know constantly, how much luck determines our way forward.


  1. Yes, Marie, luck has much to do with it.
    And, sometimes, antibiotics! Don't let your airport lurgi become (like mine) a chest infection.REST!

  2. "Lurgi" must be in the air. I did not travel, yet upon yesterdays activities the river nasal ran again after such a drought. Lets hope for no flood this time.

    Ungraspable story, it is overwhelming.

  3. Life... she ees odd and sometimes mighty unfair.

    Regarding the dreaded lurgi, might I suggest oil of oregano? Foul but effective for many ailments. I got the 1:1 version (1 part oregano mixed to 1 part oil) which is very potent. I got it in my local health food store. Two drops to the back of the tongue immediately swigged down with water... because it's *foul.*

    It's so cool you like the Goons... listening to a couple of their shows would probably help too. :)

  4. “COURAGE!” he said, and pointed toward the land


  5. MIT - thank you, taking you advice...hope you are better.

    Frank - my sympathies, sniffle. And yes.

    BPG - too late for the oregano, I fear. Wish I had some of that black foresty trifle right about now :-)

    Sigrid - so Wagnerian, too :-)wouldn't mind listening to the Liebestod now, either. Not that mine, is of course! What am I saying that was Isolde. Rambling.

  6. Luck might be a player, but our way forward is also a matter of physics: the harder we push and the faster we run, the further we get.

    But it is indeed a terrible story.


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