Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cold, sour, sweet, pink, powerful

It's been my year of fermenting. First the sourdough breads, then the elderflowers, and I have not stopped. The excitement of fizz and wild yeasts and capturing seasonally elusive flavours in a bottle is addictive.

But this time, as (delicious) research for an October food story I'm working on, I skipped the months needed for vinegar-from-scratch, and infused a good red wine vinegar with the Alpine strawberries that grow till frost on the terrace. An ounce of this was shaken up with gin and St Germain, and the result is needing a name. It's good. Edelweiss, said a friend. Bloody Edelweiss, I countered (it's pink). Continental Drift was another suggestion.

Of course, this vinegar-thing taps unabashedly into the current Shrub-mania that has swamped every publication you open or click on. But do yourselves a favour and wait for the real deal, out in October: Michael Dietsch's Shrubs: An Old Fashioned Drink for Modern Times.

In the meantime...help me think of a name.

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