Saturday, April 19, 2014

Field to table

Field garlic oil and salt

Some wild food ideas I've been working on.

Field garlic deviled eggs

Last night's menu looked like this:

Field garlic deviled eggs

Nettle, dock and garlic mustard bruschetta with field garlic olive oil on sourdough 

Sweetfern bourbon-infused chicken liver mousse, with fresh field garlic chutney

Japanese knotweed and field garlic greens vichyssoise

Shawarma-style lamb with mugwort and field garlic

Baked potatoes with field garlic greens salt and butter

Orange and treviso salad with pickled dandelion stems and pickled Japanese knotweed***

Spicebush-scented crème brûlée

(***Late last night after we'd done the dishes and were on our way to bed, I discovered the enormous platter of forgotten salad on the large bedroom table where I'd left it to stay cool...)

 Field garlic chutney on sweetfern chicken liver mousse

Spicebush-scented sugar, for crème brûlée

It is a pretty, sunshining Saturday. Outside in the early Harlem afternoon (the sun has just reached the terrace) my alarm bird is calling - a white-throated sparrow. It sounds exactly like the calm alarm on my phone. 

Today I will garden, and tomorrow I will forage some more.


  1. Wow, Marie...I'm in constant awe of the imaginative concoctions that come out of your head and your kitchen - an inspiration! Spice-bush scented sugar for creme brulee (my favourite dessert) ...mmm!

  2. that all sounds sooo good. Can you share the recipes?

  3. I can attest, it was all entirely divine!! (Sorry about that salad!)

  4. There's definitely another book lurking out there . Let's just find the right publisher!

  5. You are something else...

    xo jane

  6. Wow! You made that mousse? That looks amazing!


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