Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yes, and no

Take: the mulled wine, with a slice of orange, a little sugar, a stick of cinnamon, allspice berries and cloves.
Leave: plantains. Neither here nor there. Even after sauteing and topping with a fresh cilantro and lime sauce.
Leave: commercial queso fresco. Like damp chalk.
Take: red cabbage, quick pickled and raw; or cooked for hours with Muscat vinegar, maple syrup, raisins, apple slices and olive oil, till dark and syrupy and dissolving.


  1. Ooh! Your red cabbage recipe sounds good. Mine has red wine, red wine vinegar, olive oil, onions, currants, sugar and juniper berries. We always have it at New Year's (along with black eyed peas, according to our Southern tradition). I think next time I'll use maple syrup instead of sugar and add the apple slices. Delicious and comforting on these chilly days.

    Nancy Mc

  2. Marie,
    Try frying the plantains , or you could boil them in water and salt, then you can mash them and add some fried garlic and olive oil

  3. Hi, Marie,

    I feel the exact same way that you do about plaintains but my husband, being from Jamaica, loves them. Knowing when they are ripe is a problem. For his favorite method, you have to double fry them and as far as I'm concerned they still don't really taste like anything. Also cilantro and lime juice might not work. He prefers them mixed with rice and beans or with a dipping sauce of sour cream, lime and chipotle. You

  4. Red cabbage, caramelised with onions;very nice with kumara (Sweet potato)

  5. I like your tin cup - very homesteader. Red cabbage was the last thing i picked from this year's garden before the snow and cold - braised with apples, caraway, onions, maple syrup, butter, wine. Excellent with roast beef , gravy and roasted potatoes. Also in Hippy Slaw (hearty veg, apples, seeds, nuts, raisins, ginger,etc dressed with cider vinegar and oil).


    1. Thank you - tin cup comes from South Africa. We like them for camping. Love the sound of your red cabbage (and roast beef, yum!) and slaw.


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