Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2014 Calendars

Well, it took only 48 a few hours of hair pulling and teeth gnashing, but here are two calendars for your pleasure. I hope. The calendar-theme poll held a few days ago came in heavily in favour of food. So the Market Calendar is all fruits and vegetables, all the time, informed by the month and the appetite.

The cat has done it again - another twelve months of catness, from Himself. Click on the calendar to see if you like it.

The commission I make on each calendar goes into the 66 Square Feet kitty (no, not that kitty...). This blog is deliberately advertisement-free and requires some commitment in terms of time and effort. The modest revenue is helpful. You will see it translated into bloom on the new terrace next year.


  1. Good news! Sounds like fun. Will enjoy. thanks.

  2. Just bought mine, Marie. As far as you guys are concerned, I operate with a simple rule of thumb.. Whatever you sell, I'm buying. Least I can do.. Even through "fruits & vegetables" do not keep me awake pining for.

    And your book is fabulous, Really terrific! And I also boast to one and all about my Estorbo calendar--which one neighbor offered me big bucks for.. "Get your own," I responded.

    Say, the "star of the show "will not get upset, I hope, over this calendar's appearance?

    1. Nooooooooooo, Clark, I feel awful! Thank you. But I don't want you to have to suffer through rabbit food. Estorbo is working on his calendar as.we.speak. Ouch! He just stuck his pins in me - needs the laptop. And I'm going to do another one...more New York-y. Would a steak calendar be better? :-)


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